Wednesday, August 3

I’m being more mindful of what I’m eating, instead of mindlessly eating

Labels and ingredients-

Obviously the easiest thing is to look for “certified gluten free” on the label when grocery shopping. This is what I would be doing if I was diagnosed with celiac disease, because I'd be worried about cross contamination. However, since my motivation for going gluten free is to see if it alleviates any of my bipolar symptoms, I’m taking a less stringent approach, for now. I’m back into the habit of reading the ingredients on everything I buy.

The unplanned added benefit to this approach is I am more aware of what I’m eating, of what’s IN what I’m eating.  It really is good to know, even if you’d rather not know - from hidden sugar in my veggie crumbles to GMO ingredients in my pasta sauce.

For some great info on deciphering labels check out:
 “Label Reading 101
"Wheat Allergies

Tuesday, August 2

Trial and Error - Gluten Free worth a try

I’ve decided to try going gluten free to see if it makes a difference in how I feel both physically and mentally. While I believe medication is essential in treating bipolar, it’s only one component. Nothing is a cure-all. In fact there is no “cure” yet, only management. Managing my bipolar disorder has certainly been trial and error. The road to getting on the right meds was a nightmare-giving up gluten should be a piece of cake.  Pun intended

I figure as long as I make sure I’m getting proper nutrition I have nothing to lose by giving this gf thing  a try.

Monday, August 1

Gluten Free Baked Goods

Figuring out which gluten free substitutions I like has been trial and error. This has made sticking to my grocery budget a challenge, especially when it’s comes to baked goods. It seems to be cheaper if you bake your own….I hate baking, and it’s just too hot to bake right now anyways. (anybody else heat intolerant?) A brownie mix is one thing, but I do not have plans to ever attempt to bake a loaf of bread!
While searching for gf food for my Amazon prime pantry order, I found out about katz gluten free products.  I ended up ordering directly through the katz website because I heard that they were offering a free sample pack.  Instead of buying a whole box of something without knowing if I’d like it, the sample packs each have an assortment of eight different full size items to try. You get to choose which of the three sample packs you want to try for free.  Use coupon code SAMPLE during checkout. I went ahead and ordered all three, for a total of 21 items to try for under $18 including shipping. Shipping is free on orders over $50, and free next day shipping on orders over $75.

Since everything held up well in the freezer I plan on placing a larger order next time now that I know what my favorites are. mmmmm...marble cake and sprinkle cookies!  You can get 35% off your first order by using this referral link and discount code.